Alternative Energy

Cable Assemblies for Alternative Energy Sources

Diminishing fossil fuel supplies and environmental concerns have sparked global interest in alternative fuel sources. More importantly, it has increased awareness of the machines that will utilize these alternatives. Since 1973 Elektro Assemblies has been building control panels, wire harnesses and cable assemblies to help combat the diminishing fuel supplies. E-A produces custom equipment and products that has the ability to be used within alternative energy facilities throughout the globe.

From prototype to production, Elektro Assemblies can assist your design and manufacturing teams. Located in Red Wing, MN, near the Prairie Island Nuclear Plant, E-A will work with their customers to reduce lead time to market while supplying quality product. Product such as; control panels, wire harnesses, power cords, and cable assemblies are all produced in their UL certified site. Elektro is there to help their customers, whether you’re in the Upper Midwest or anywhere on earth. E-A is your source for helping you in all your Alternative Energy power connection needs, don’t hesitate to contact them today.